About Us

Donelson Heights United Methodist Church has agreed to host us until St John’s Lutheran has completed their construction.  Please check updates concerning the next meeting place each month.               

     First Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m.

Our organization comes together at Donelson Heights UMC, where we have show-and-tell, door-prize drawings, and many interesting and informative programs. Our members share an interest in quilts and quilted objects. In addition to sharing the accomplishments of experienced guild members, we seek to learn techniques, gain ideas from each other and encourage new quilters.

We also have a monthly Sit-n-Stitch on the third Thursday of the month, starting at 9:00 am. Bring a sack lunch, work on a scheduled project, or do your own thing!

The elected officers propose new projects and classes each year, and each month’s meeting brings fresh ideas to the group. Committee members share information about regional and local events related to quilting.

We volunteer to display our quilts, answer questions, and demonstrate quilting at Nashville events throughout the year. Many members are blue ribbon winners, accomplished instructors, and quilt shop owners. Beginner quilters are also right at home in our guild. New techniques and time saving methods are shared.

We share information about upcoming competitions such as the Tennessee State Fair, Wilson County Fair, and quilt shows organized by other guilds in Middle Tennessee. We are members of the Tennessee Valley Quilters Association. In 2017 our guild celebrated its 30th anniversary.

We welcome visitors, and would love to have you visit. Because of space limitations, we currently have a membership cap of 150. If you decide you would like to join, we still have membership slots available, so we are not on a waiting list at this time.

Guild Officers for 2022

  • President- Evelyn Mitchell
  • Vice President – Sandra Usher
  • Secretary – Betty McGlaughn
  • Treasurer – Cathie Halfacre
  • Parliamentarian Cheryl Jo Celia

Guild Committees for 2022

Bus Trips – Wanda Palus, Meriul Easton

Calling – Jessie Elliott

Communications – Joanne Schlichting

Door Prizes – Judy Greer, Carol Ball

Getting to Know You Column – Carla Hennesy

Kitchen Hostess – Susan Danley, Terri Burchette, Sylvia Ballard

Hospitality/Membership – Cindy Rolfs, Carol Steuck, Sylvia Ballard

Membership Directory – Cheryl Moore

National Teacher – Mary Kane, Ginger Fondren, Daphna Flegal, Robert St. John

Newcomers – Linda Duntsch, Kathy Powers

Newsletter/Photos – Marina Rawls

Preemie Quilts – Polly Picard, Gayle Troccoli, Carolyn Mazurick, Liz Kubica

Programs – Sandra Usher, Cheryl Moore

Retreat (Fall) – Becky Richardson, Kathy Powers, Cheryljo Celia, Judy Greer, Carolyn Mazurick, Sylvia Ballard, Barbara Starkey, Teresa Prater, Carol Ann McCandless

Retreat (Spring) – Sheila Schmaedig, Belinda Hardin, Susie Cole, Carol Ann McCandless, Cheryljo Celia, Maggie Klenke, Julie Reynolds, Cathie Halfacre, Candice Hill

Room Setup – Teresa Prater, Lizleigh Kleibrink

Sit n’ Stitch – Jane Lyon, Liz Kubica, Marsha Mellendorf, Gayle Troccoli

State Fair – Ginger Fondren, Judy Greer, Carolyn Mazurek

Sunshine – Sally Collier

Website – Marina Rawls