Upcoming Events

  • July 11 – MCQG monthly meeting
  • July 20 – Sit n Sew
  • August 1 – MCQG monthly meeting
  • August 17 – Sit n Sew
  • September 5 – MCQG monthly meeting
  • September 21 – Sit n Sew
  • October 3 – MCQG monthly meeting
  • October 19 – Sit n Sew
  • November 7 – MCQG monthly meeting
  • November 16 – Sit n Sew
  • December 5 – MCQG monthly meeting

MCQG Retreat

Since 1993, MCQG has enjoyed one or two retreats per year. Usually the retreat is in March; however, there have been a few in October.

TVQA Retreat

Twice a year, TVQA sponsors a retreat for its members. Information is published in the TVQA Newsletter. It is a more organized retreat, and activities vary each time.

TVQA Seminars

On alternate years, TVQA sponsors a Spring Seminar with classes offered by national teachers.


3rd Thursdays of the month, starting 9:30 am. Bring a sack lunch, work on the scheduled project, or do your own thing!