Upcoming Events

  • August 17 – Sit n Sew

Attached is a picture of our project for the Crumbs class at MCQG sit-n-sew on Thursday, August 17.  And below is the list of what you will need for the class.   If you did not get a chance to sign up at the meeting but are planning to come to class, PLEASE email me at to let me know so I can be sure to have enough patterns printed.  This will also help me have an accurate idea of the number of students to expect.


We will begin sewing at 9:30 am, so try to come early enough to get set up and ready to sew at that time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.



Lots of crumbs in blues, neutrals, greens and pinks!

Make sure you have a nice mixture of values and textures in each color to give your quilt sparkle!

Small pieces of orange (nose) and black (eye) for applique



Sewing machine – clean and in good working order

Basic sewing kit – needles, pins, etc.

Fabric & paper scissors, wooden iron, frixion pen, pencil

Small cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler

Heat ‘n Bond Lite fusible or comparable

14″ square of Tearaway Stabilizer (fusible is best but plain will work too)

Threads in neutral and black

Light box if you have one or share with a friend; I will bring mine to share too


Looking forward to playing with crumbs together!







  • September 5 – MCQG monthly meeting
  • September 21 – Sit n Sew
  • October 3 – MCQG monthly meeting
  • October 19 – Sit n Sew
  • November 7 – MCQG monthly meeting
  • November 16 – Sit n Sew
  • December 5 – MCQG monthly meeting

MCQG Retreat

Since 1993, MCQG has enjoyed one or two retreats per year. Usually the retreat is in March; however, there have been a few in October.

TVQA Retreat

Twice a year, TVQA sponsors a retreat for its members. Information is published in the TVQA Newsletter. It is a more organized retreat, and activities vary each time.

TVQA Seminars

On alternate years, TVQA sponsors a Spring Seminar with classes offered by national teachers.


3rd Thursdays of the month, starting 9:30 am. Bring a sack lunch, work on the scheduled project, or do your own thing!